Disabling spawn(), io

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Re: Disabling spawn(), io

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One way to disable spawn locally in a profile is to override the function in a script. You could even rename spawn() if you need it for your own scripts. If we place this script at the very top of the script list it should run before any other scripts (I think).
Code: [show] | [select all] lua
--override spawn()
mysecretspawnname = mysecretspawnname or spawn -- copy with new name
function spawn(...)
   cecho("<red>Old spawn was called\n")
By overriding it this way we can get a hint of when it's being used, without it being able to run anything.

Sample output after running the first one:

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>> lua spawn(function(s) echo(s) end, "date") return
Old spawn was called
>> lua mysecretspawnname(function(s) echo(s) end, "date") return
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