Pre-Release binaries posted

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Pre-Release binaries posted

Post by Nyyrazzilyss »

I've uploaded mudlet pre-release binaries for Windows and OSX to my github. I've also uploaded a zip file containing a couple missing DLL files that fix sound on windows (tested with both 7 and 10 vanilla systems) with 3.0-delta.

WARNING: Use the below at your own risk! It's all pre-release! BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP! ...

Unzip the above file into the pre-existing mudlet install directory. It doesn't overwrite anything, it's sound DLLs that weren't included with the original package. These files are all sourced from \Qt\Qt5.3.2\5.3\mingw482_32\plugins ...

This file is win32 release 30 pr308 - pr308 is unmerged code from SlySven. I compiled this 5/3/2016. There is no installer, just unzip where you want it and run mudlet from the directory. ...

Also release 30 pr308 for OSX, it was compiled/packaged a couple days ago and doesn't contain the newest commit. Packaging on this one wasn't done by me (I don't have an OSX system), but someone else on the mud I play.

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A copy of my mudlet script that takes full advantage of the mapping speedups with pr308. If you want to try using it, the mud is port 9999. Create a profile/connect to the mud (don't log in), then use the package manager to install the script. At that point, exit/restart mudlet, and connect. After creating a character/logging in, type '#map on', 'tog brief' (haven't yet fixed that my mapper only works in the muds brief mode) then '#map toril' if using pr308 to switch to using the 40k room mapfile. I might not always be at keys, but I can usually be found there if you have questions.
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Re: Pre-Release binaries posted

Post by SlySven »

I have now merged in both PR to their relevant branches: PR308 (release_30) and PR301 (development) most recent changes was a speed-up which helps somewhat with auditing humongous maps (I was testing with a 2.3 Million room one) and a control to (by default) send most of the map auditing/checking to the previously unused ~/.config/mudlet/<profile name>/errors.txt file. If there is a "significant issue" an "[ ALERT ]" message will advise you to look at that file to see the gory details. For those that want to see the details directly on the profile console there is a new checkbox on the "profile preference" -> "map" tab:

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