Feature req: "Offline" editor for packages

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Feature req: "Offline" editor for packages

Post by jimbus »

Greetings earthlings,

I searched and there was something like this discussed, but it was in 2010, so I'd thought I'd ask and see what happened and see if this is something that would be doable.

I'm not only a serial character creator on my mud, but I'm also trying to build some trigger, alias, et al packages suited for our mud (GrimhavenMud nee: SneezyMud) to facilitate spreading the Mudlet joy.

What I'd like is the current trigger pop up window launched from the package Manager that edits directly to a saved package instead of what the character has loaded in memory. While adding a "Edit" button to the "install" and "uninstall" buttons, also add a "Refresh" button to load changes to the package.

I was sitting here thinking it had to be an easy enough thing to do, all the widgets exist, the it dawned on me, there is probably nothing behind the widgets set up for this, the editors are probably all set up to work on things in whatever format you have in memory for each session. Could you open a "headless" session (ie, no window in the main GUI and no telnet session), but silently import the package and pop up the editors? I know nothing about the code, but it doesn't stop me from tinkering :)

Anyhow, thanks for your time,


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Re: Feature req: "Offline" editor for packages

Post by Zaphob »

+1 would this be possible?

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Re: Feature req: "Offline" editor for packages

Post by SlySven »

The quick and dirty way to start up off-line would be to temporarily change the host URL/IP address field on the "connect profile" dialogue to contain "localhost" - that will load up the session but will not connect to the MUD server (unless you are the sys-op running it on the same machine - oh, in this case you might actually be :D - in that case change the port number to not be one the server or any other daemon/process is using!) Just remember to note down the entries to put them back when you want to return to make a connection to the server.

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