Unbuntu Release status

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Unbuntu Release status

Post by Vladaar » Sat Oct 24, 2015 8:43 pm

Good Morning,

I know you guys are working very hard on this client. To be honest it is my favorite linux mud client. However, I noticed Unbuntu seems to be behind in updates. I have the 2.1 version, but would kill for the 3.0. The linux 64 bit won't work for me. I really want Mud Sound Protocol and I thought I heard the 2.2 version was going to have it. It is no fun having to making sound triggers for each sound in a sound pack instead of just having all the sounds work with MSP. So all this is to say, is there a Unbuntu release coming soon?

Thank you guys

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Re: Unbuntu Release status

Post by SlySven » Sun Oct 25, 2015 10:10 pm

Weelll the 3.0.0 is only available as a preview (the fourth one has been around for ages...) and to get the bleedin' edge stuff you will probably want to roll your own from the release_30 branch at our GitHub repository - which is possibly a little further advanced than even the linux installer versions here. At present I'm not aware of any other coders active at the moment and there are some particular issues that need to be resolved before we would produce a "release" version. The subset that has our concern at the present are these.

To address your particular concern with MSP I would have thought that it would be possible to create something using the Zuggsoft specification - it shouldn't be impossible to do a "start of line" trigger on "!!sound" or "!!music" and work from there with the lua playSoundFile() - though you will need to convert the relative file-names that the protocol requires to an absolute one that the lua command needs - I personally am not aware of anyone who has done this but I am woefully ignorant of some aspects of "the Mudlet Project" so do have a look and see if you can find any implementations...

For any Windoze Users out there one of the major bugs that is as yet unfixed is that sound effects are broken in the 3.0.0 preview releases because the Qt 5.x libraries do not provide (or didn't last I heard) the sound playback features we used on Mingw build platforms - which I think we need to use to produce distributable GPLed Windows Binaries - but I Am Not A Lawyer... ;)

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