Connect to profile with all triggers disabled?

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Connect to profile with all triggers disabled?

Post by Nyyrazzilyss » Tue Oct 06, 2015 3:12 am

I made some changes to a package, which looks to have something nasty. When I attempt to connect to that profile now, it freezes/then mudlet itself crashes. Is there any way to disable all triggers/scripts present in a profile prior to connecting to it?

I've also tried editing the .xml file within the installed directory. Changing existing echos doesn't show on the screen, just the original echo.

Right now I can't even open mudlet for that profile to figure out/fix what I did wrong.

Followup: I found a dated .xml file in the .config/mudlet/profiles/profilename/current directory. Editing that file allowed me to comment out the call to the section of code that's crashing mudlet.

As soon as I did so/and was able to open mudlet, identifying the problem was quick - I'd added a function i'd called 'loadMap' (not realizing that this was also the name of the actual function used by mudlet). As soon as I changed it's name, it was no longer crashing.

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