Bug in setBorderBottom?

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Bug in setBorderBottom?

Post by Nyyrazzilyss » Thu Mar 12, 2015 2:48 am

I'm running into an issue with setBorderBottom.

I can use it to increase the border size with no problems. If I decrease it however, it doesn't take effect. I can open the settings window however, see that the new (smaller) border size is listed, at which point (without making any changes) if I click on save, the borders adjust to the new dimensions.

Is there another command I should be calling after setBorderBottom to redraw the main window?

You can see this by setting the border to 100, and then dropping it to 20 (or any other value smaller then 100)

I found a (much) older message talking about a crash bug when setting borders: If I minimize/restore the computer window, the setBorderBottom also takes effect.

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