Recipe to compile Mudlet on Windows

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Re: Recipe to compile Mudlet on Windows

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EDIT: I got it working!

I had 2.0-test4 compiling successfully before using the original post's compile instructions (plus obviously the changes made to since then), but I see on 6/24/2012 there was a change from luazip to quazip made by chris. The from that point actually points to:
Code: [show] | [select all] lua
on both the main git and chris' mudlet2+ branch. This location obviously doesn't exist on my machine, so some changes have to be made.

To get it to compile, I had to do three things:

1) modify the by adding -lquazip \ to the win32:LIBS:
Code: [show] | [select all] lua
win32:LIBS += -L"..\..\mudlet_libs" \
    -llua51 \
    -lpcre \
    -lhunspell \
	-lquazip \
and by adding $$EXTERNAL_INCLUDES\quazip-0.4.4\quazip to the win32:INCLUDEPATH:
Code: [show] | [select all] lua
win32:INCLUDEPATH += $$EXTERNAL_INCLUDES\lua-5.1.4\src \
    $$EXTERNAL_INCLUDES\zlib123-dll\include \
    $$EXTERNAL_INCLUDES\boost_1_47_0 \
    $$EXTERNAL_INCLUDES\pcre-8.13 \
    $$EXTERNAL_INCLUDES\lloyd-yajl-17b1790\src \
    $$EXTERNAL_INCLUDES\hunspell-1.3.2\src \

2) downloading the quazip--0.4.4 source from, and unzipping the quazip-0.4.4 folder so that it matches the location (C:\mudlet_packages\includes\quazip-0.4.4\quazip).

3) Copy the already-compiled quazip.dll file from the current mudlet 2.1 windows EXE release (easiest way to grab this is to install mudlet 2.1 on your system) into the C:\mudlet_packages\mudlet_libs folder.

4) Profit

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