geyser UserWindow docking

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geyser UserWindow docking

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Trying to simply get mudlet to save the locations of the dragged and docked UserWindows I have created.
Even after dragging the window and docking it left of the map, lua display (mystuff.MapContainer.dockPosition) shows "floating".
Mapcontainer is a userwindow created like this:

mystuff.MapContainer = Geyser.UserWindow:new({
name = "mystuff_map",
titleText ="Mapper Shortcuts",
x = "3%", y="3%",
width="20%", height ="80%"

What am I missing here? Does anyone have a good example on how to save the adjusted position of the Userwindo, so you don't have to re-position the windows each time you start a session?

Thankful for any advice.

-Darksalad - the total mudlet noob

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