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Compiling and building for Windows on Linux? (mingw-w64 or MXE)

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2020 10:03 pm
by takilara
I was wondering if anyone has compiled mudlet for windows targets on Linux?
I am fairly new to build chains, i have managed to setup a linux docker container that builds for linux using the provided steps from the compilation wiki.

I would prefer to also build for Windows on the same, or similar container rather than setting up a windows build environment.

From documentation of mingw-w64, it seems that this should be fully capable of compiling for windows on linux, but i think i'm somewhat lost (ive installed mingw-w64, but im not certain how to invoke it).

I am guessing since you guys use a separate Windows build process and windows build server, i am guessing this might not be trivial though...

I guess i need to start reading ... _make.html