3.0.0-iota Show sound file names.

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3.0.0-iota Show sound file names.

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Been too busy to MUD much at all for the last few months but with Thanksgiving and a little time off I was able to get some play time in today. I was going over my settings for my favourite MUD trying to remember how I had things set up when I noticed something. If a trigger has a sound file associated with it and the box is checked I can't seem to see what the file is anywhere. I was just wondering if there were plans to add some sort of notation of what file is selected if any in the future?

I'm running 3.0.0-iota (Linux 64bit) on Ubuntu 16.04.

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Re: 3.0.0-iota Show sound file names.

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There is a QLineEdit box that should show the file-name but I noticed that it has been set to a zero size at some time in the past and is effectively hidden in the GUI. There is also a similar box on the "Buttons" editor screen which ought to allow icons to be placed on Buttons (anyone seeing some sample output from my development work may have spotted such icons in my test set up). I am fixing up some other things in the Editor area and I will try and remember to fix the Sound File Display after I've finished the current edit and also restore a couple of other missing entries namely the "Command (Down)" and "Command (Up)" text to send direct to the MUD Server that have been AWOL since either before or after 2.1 was Released. :shock:

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