Achaea Curing System

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Achaea Curing System

Post by aloc_acoc »

I was just wondering if any here would be interested in trying to make an Achaean Curing System for Mudlet? I was thinking of trying to make it a joint effort where whoever would like to participate could contribute. Would any be interested in such a thing?

I am certainly willing to help with a project like this, though admittedly I am still learning how to code in Lua at this time. Despite that, however, I do have knowledge on how systems are to be set up for Achaea.

Any interest?!

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Re: Achaea Curing System

Post by Vadi »

I can't help, not a lot of time... but someone starting with a K posted a huge list of triggers on Achaea forums somewhere. That would be of help.

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Re: Achaea Curing System

Post by Jaybles »

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Re: Achaea Curing System

Post by mishgul »

i'd be interested once I figure out how things work. I just downloaded the client now. I'll seee what I can make of it.

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Re: Achaea Curing System

Post by Ricktava »

I kinda started on one I dont know how well it works havent really tested it (dont spar much) But it should. Any more additions and any thing you want to add is welcome just if you use this for something more please help me out too! :D

EDIT: This is really a bad script so removed it working on one and just about done so just hold on a little bit longer and well get this going strong!
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Re: Achaea Curing System

Post by ceff »

I'd be willing, although im still learning how to code as well.

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Re: Achaea Curing System

Post by Wennef »

Yeah, still learning here... Slowly. But I can provide triggers. I'll organize it and pm. Heh.

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Re: Achaea Curing System

Post by prahaai »

Hey everybody.
Maybe I can help !
What's the status ?

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