Achaea Walking!

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Achaea Walking!

Post by Woulfen »

Hey I was wondering is someone could write me a script, Right now I have a a single script for walking north and another for walk south, another for east and so on and so forth.

This is what functions I would like

1-Walk SW
2-Walk S
3-Walk SE
4-Walk W
5-Info Here
6-Walk E
7-Walk NW
8-Walk N
9-Walk NE
+ Up
- Down
* In
/ Out
Numlock-Activate/Deactivate Script

Im not sure how possible it is to Activate and deactivate this script, but I would like to be able to use it to activate the script so I can use the keypad for typing numbers as well, I currently have all my f keys for hunting and all my top row number keys for other triggers for magic.

If someone could do this for me It would be greatly appreciated!

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