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Re: YATCO 2.3

Post by Drevarr »

anyone having issues with YATCO in the mudlet 3.0 alpha?

Previously my set up worked as intended, in the 3.0 alpha captured chats are getting cut of at 80 characters, 90 if you add the timestamp.

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Re: YATCO 2.3

Post by fetaera »

Yep. This is a problem I have noticed that I outlined a while ago here. Not sure what the deal is.

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Re: YATCO 2.3

Post by xabre »

It's like that for a while in 2.1, still remains in 3.0 alpha. Strange thing, generic installer has this issue, compiling from sources also reveals the issue, however curent Ubuntu Utopic package doesn't have this problem. And I simply cannot track down the huge difference that makes it work in Ubuntu and nowhere else.

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Re: YATCO 2.3

Post by dicene »

Here's a temporary solution until the copy function is working properly again. Note that it won't properly preserve all formatting in captured text, it just paints the whole line one color(presumably based on the formatting of the first letter of the capture):

If you haven't modified the function demonnic.chat:append(chat) in the Code script(mine was in YATCO-23/Demonnic/Tabbed Chat/Code), you can just replace that function(not the whole script) with the one in the pastebin at the bottom of this post. If you have modified it, follow the instructions below:

- Add local curLine = getCurrentLine() between the lines copy() and if demonnic.chat.config.timestamp then
- Add demonnic.chat.windows[chat]:decho(string.format("<%s,%s,%s:%s,%s,%s>",ofr,ofg,ofb,obr,obg,obb) .. curLine .. "\n") after demonnic.chat.windows[chat]:echo(" ")
- Add demonnic.chat.windows[demonnic.chat.config.Alltab]:decho(string.format("<%s,%s,%s:%s,%s,%s>",ofr,ofg,ofb,obr,obg,obb) .. curLine .. "\n") after the line demonnic.chat.windows[demonnic.chat.config.Alltab]:echo(" ")
- Comment out the line demonnic.chat.windows[chat]:append()
- Comment out the line appendBuffer(string.format("win%s", demonnic.chat.config.Alltab))

Here is a copy of what the function should look like:


Code: Select all

function demonnic.chat:append(chat)
  local r = demonnic.chat.config.windowColors.r
  local g = demonnic.chat.config.windowColors.g
  local b = demonnic.chat.config.windowColors.b
  local ofr,ofg,ofb = getFgColor()
  local obr,obg,obb = getBgColor()
  if demonnic.chat.config.preserveBackground then
  local curLine = getCurrentLine()
  if demonnic.chat.config.timestamp then
    local timestamp = getTime(true, demonnic.chat.config.timestamp)
    local tsfg = {}
    local tsbg = {}
    local colorLeader = ""
    if demonnic.chat.config.timestampCustomColor then
      if type(demonnic.chat.config.timestampFG) == "string" then
        tsfg = color_table[demonnic.chat.config.timestampFG]
        tsfg = demonnic.chat.config.timestampFG
      if type(demonnic.chat.config.timestampBG) == "string" then
        tsbg = color_table[demonnic.chat.config.timestampBG]
        tsbg = demonnic.chat.config.timestampBG
      colorLeader = string.format("<%s,%s,%s:%s,%s,%s>",tsfg[1],tsfg[2],tsfg[3],tsbg[1],tsbg[2],tsbg[3])
      colorLeader = string.format("<%s,%s,%s:%s,%s,%s>",ofr,ofg,ofb,obr,obg,obb)
    local fullstamp = string.format("%s%s",colorLeader,timestamp)
      demonnic.chat.windows[chat]:echo(" ")
      demonnic.chat.windows[chat]:decho(string.format("<%s,%s,%s:%s,%s,%s>",ofr,ofg,ofb,obr,obg,obb) .. curLine .. "\n")
      if demonnic.chat.config.Alltab then 
        demonnic.chat.windows[demonnic.chat.config.Alltab]:echo(" ")
        demonnic.chat.windows[demonnic.chat.config.Alltab]:decho(string.format("<%s,%s,%s:%s,%s,%s>",ofr,ofg,ofb,obr,obg,obb) .. curLine .. "\n")
  if demonnic.chat.config.gag then 
    tempLineTrigger(1,1, [[if isPrompt() then deleteLine() end]])
  if demonnic.chat.config.Alltab then
    --appendBuffer(string.format("win%s", demonnic.chat.config.Alltab))
  if demonnic.chat.config.blink and chat ~= demonnic.chat.currentTab then 
    if (demonnic.chat.config.Alltab == demonnic.chat.currentTab) and not demonnic.chat.config.blinkOnAll then
      demonnic.chat.tabsToBlink[chat] = true
Full YATCO package(with triggers for the IRE mud Imperian): https://www.dropbox.com/s/6j2reyaqyl4hp ... c.zip?dl=0

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Re: YATCO 2.3 for Achaea

Post by trentont101 »

Thank you a million times for this!
I was able to work it into achaea perfectly and its beatiful!
If anyone would benefit from my version let meknow I am welcome to post it

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Re: YATCO 2.3

Post by zakman »

This is most likely a question better suited for general help than for this thread, but - how would I configure the chat console window so that it has a border around it? Don't need anything fancy, just a simple line so that there's a clean visual separation between the tabs and the rest of Mudlet.

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Re: YATCO 2.3

Post by frumplotj »

I'm currently having an issue with the script. I added the color format portion for the tabs and have started receiving the following error:

Lua syntax error:[string "--[[..."]:194: unexpected symbol near '

Here is what it is referring to:


Lastly, is there any way to make the capture boxes hold the same color after they capture. As of right now, it just sticks to using the first color of any string.

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Re: YATCO 2.3

Post by Iosai »

Not sure if this package is being maintained any more (the download seems broken, so I guess not), but there seems to be a run-away trigger on isPrompt() in there that is sending GMCP Core.Support.Add ["Comm.Channel 1"] every prompt (or, at least, very frequently).

This doesn't seem necessary. :)

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Re: YATCO 2.3

Post by dcarroll9999 »

Link is broken. Here is the link according to Internet Archive's Wayback Machine on the 21st of June, 2017:
https://web.archive.org/web/20160621075 ... CO-2.3.xml

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Re: YATCO 2.3

Post by fetaera »

Iosai wrote:Not sure if this package is being maintained any more (the download seems broken, so I guess not), but there seems to be a run-away trigger on isPrompt() in there that is sending GMCP Core.Support.Add ["Comm.Channel 1"] every prompt (or, at least, very frequently).

This doesn't seem necessary. :)
This package has never requested support for Comm.Channel. You must be sending that elsewhere. It's always used triggers. Maybe you have my personal version I posted in House Aurendil? That uses GMCP though only ever requests it on login. Sorry for the late response! Only just noticed this.

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