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Realms of Despair UI

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I don't typically publish anything I create so please bare with me as I begin this journey. This is, I suppose, version 1.0 of a possible user-created Realms of Despair UI. I didn't see anything similar here yet and I've been enjoying Mudlet as a client. Additionally, I've played Realms of Despair since, probably, half a lifetime ago? The world is still up, but the information and ease of access has eroded over the years.

I've looked at other MUDs, but I think RoD still offers something unique, sort of that Everquest style appeal and I'd like to help it find a more modern footing even if the back-end code doesn't continue to grow. But I'm not a regular dev, so if I fade from existence, feel free to grab the code and run with it.

So here is my UI package. It is very barebones, I left most of my generic RoD triggers and aliases out at this point, separating them from the UI code itself as I'd like to focus on keeping that self sufficient. I also didn't push anything to auto-install the generic mapper just yet - while the UI does reference mapper variables if they exist. I was just on the fence if the right approach is to push that on folks installing, although I do think it is a good fit for RoD.

  • Copy RoDUI.xml to <C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Mudlet\<current version>>
  • Launch a Mudlet profile to Realms of Despair
  • Launch Toolbox -> Package Manager
  • Press Install
  • It should already be at the directory previously mentioned, if not, browse to it
  • Select RoDUI.xml
  • Press Ok
  • Optional for Gen Mapper: Repeat process for <C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Mudlet\<current version>\mudlet-lua\lua\generic-mapper.xml>
  • Press Ok
If everything went right, the UI should pop up on its own. If you want to troubleshoot a problem, check the script editor error log. You can also attempt to rerun the window launch with "lua(rodWin())" I have tested on a brand new profile so I have a reasonable expectation that it will run without issue, at least on 4.9.1.

The UI is broken down to a few main tabs.
  • Score: Contains most of your chars attributes, these are all of the ones that RoD will send over the MSDP protocol at this time.
  • Group: This contains a summary of all of your Mudlet RoD windows to facilitate multiplay which RoD allows. I realize this may be confused with the actual Group term in RoD and I may rename this in a future release.
  • Help: This contains a summary of MXP-style hyperlinks to the RoD help topics. RoD help topics are verbose and a summary helps a lot when you are attempting to navigate them. I'm hoping this works as a quick reference to help you navigate the world although I do think it needs better formatting.
  • Footer: The bottom of the window shows your character's gauges as well as your current enemy, all XP stats, location info and affects (buffs) with their current tick count.
Thanks, Skace (Skane, Skare, Skage, etc)
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