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Import maps generated by MapExplorer

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 8:20 pm
by breakone9r
I have been wanting a better way to do crowd-sourced mapping for those MUDs that do not support mmp.

So I finally wrote a package that can do just that. Introducing: MapImporter. (Update: Reworked it as some room exits weren't being linked)
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Place the exported files into your profile's /tmp directory (ie if on linux, ~/mudlet-data/profiles/MyMudProfile/tmp/)

Once that is done, you have a new alias: mmim.

To import rooms that you don't have: (this will not modify existing rooms in any way, shape or form)

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mmim map
To import ALL rooms: (This makes sure to update any room IDs that may have different exits/doors/etc)

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mmim map true

To update your environment colors:

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mmim color