NannyMUD Starter Module

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NannyMUD Starter Module

Post by Lightbender »

I haven't found much on Mudlet for NannyMUD so I've created a starter module to help people get started on this mud. It's a pretty simple mud so the module is pretty simple.

You can find the script on GitHub by searching for NannymudMudletModule for an up-to-date version and to become a contributor.

It contains some examples of triggers to capture things such as HP/SP, aliases to speedwalk or to send commands that will take you to the major guilds, and a very basic Geyser scheme that will show heal gauges for the current character and for any other characters you have multiplaying at the same time.

It is recommended to install the attachement as a Module and to turn Sync on so that your changes to one character will be reflected on all of your characters.
nannymud - shared.xml
A starter module for Nannymud
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Re: NannyMUD Starter Module

Post by Vadi »

Pretty cool, post about this in #packages as well!

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