Adjustable TabWindows

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Adjustable TabWindows

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Adjustable Tabwindows are tabbed windows for containers powered by Adjustable Container.

Base was the TabWindow example on the Geyser page in the Mudlet wiki.

Tabs can be dragged from one tab-bar to the next tab-bar, if dropped into the empty a window with the tab content will be created.
Tabs can also be moved from one tab-bar to the other by double-click which also allows them to change their parent window, which means you can send them to a tab-bar located in a UserWindow.

Short demo video:
The GitHub page is:
Release can be found here:

To install directly copy/paste this into Mudlet commandline:
Code: [show] | [select all] lua
lua local a=""function d(b,c)if not c:find("AdjustableTabWindow",1,true)then return end installPackage(c)os.remove(c)cecho("<lime_green>Package installed!\n")end registerAnonymousEventHandler("sysDownloadDone","d")downloadFile(getMudletHomeDir()..(a:ends("xml")and"/AdjustableTabWindow.xml"or"/"),a)
To create a new Adjustable TabWindow write for example:
Code: [show] | [select all] lua
  tabwindow =
    tabwindow or
        name = "tabwindow",
        x = 0,
        y = 0,
        width = "30%",
        height = "40%",
        tabBarHeight ="10%",
        tabs = {"MyGauge","Tab1", "Tab2", "Tab3", "MapTab"},
The names of the tabs in this tab-bar are defined in tabs, what are the tabs which will be created.
To put something into the tabs, for example the Mapper in the MapTab use:
Code: [show] | [select all] lua
 mapper =
    mapper or Geyser.Mapper:new({x = 0, y = 0, width = "100%", height = "100%", name="mapper"}, tabwindow.MapTabcenter)
The container will always have the name Tabname + center

An example package ( the one in the video) is attached,
you need to install Adjustable TabWindows first to get it to work (see links above)

Documentation can be found at:

16th May 2020
New release adds the possibility to transfer your EMCO to your Adjustable.TabWindow

17th August 2020

convertEMCO/full EMCO compatibility and sendingTabs to Geyser UserWindows

new Features
  • convertEMCO to give your EMCO the Adjustable TabWindow functionality but the style will be preserved (in comparison to transferEMCO)
    full EMCO compatibility
  • TabBoxHeight can now also be given in pixels
  • DoubleClick and then clicking anywhere on the window transforms the tab into a TabWindow which with the same method can now also be send to a UserWindow without the need of having an Adjustable.TabWindow already in the UserWindow
  • All EMCO tab styling functions and some constraints are available now also for Adjustable TabWindows
  • TabText even if set to be in the middle will be visible if tab is transformed into a window
  • different small problems with remove/addTab
  • style reset after time runs out for chosentab
  • several smaller fixes
28th August 2020

Browser like tabs and save/load slots

new Features
  • Browser like tabs, drop tab on floating window to transfor it into it‘s own temporary TabWindow
  • Tabify menu in floating TabWindows right click menu also creates a temporary TabWindow
  • Tabify menu through function :addTabifyMenu addable to every Adjustable Container
  • Tabify and save/load any container even after the creation of the TabWindow with :tabwindow:addToTabWindow(container)
  • save/load to/from custom directory
  • save/load slots to save and load settings very flexible or to create backups
  • Resizing if sent to UserWindow was wrong
  • tabwindow styles are saved now when using save/load
  • many other smaller fixes
  • restructuration of code showed that containerstyle was never visible and not needed anymore
  • show ToolTip if tabname is to long

Have fun!
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Re: Adjustable TabWindows

Post by doctorj05h »

Wow been really enjoying these, is there a FULL list of constraints somewhere that I can see how to append (large amounts like the starmap in Starmourn) or change the tab font things like that?

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Re: Adjustable TabWindows

Post by Alyven »

I'm glad they are useful/fun for you :)
All the functions and constraints can be found at ... -functions

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