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Post by maiyannah » Fri Jul 05, 2019 5:54 pm

I've posted this on some of the IRE forums before, but only just now got the mudlet forum to cooperate ... and I've redesigned things a bit since the last time I went on about this.

So, here is Valkryja.

What is Valkryja?
Valkryja is a four-component system with the aim of providing a consistent and easy-to-use interface across multiple muds. Right now, it is aimed mostly at IRE games, Imperian and Aetolia primarialy, but it also has support for Materia Magica and Luminari MUD.

The four components are:
  • valkryja ("valkyrie" in it's native old norse), itself, providing a core foundation which exposes the MUD data such as character vitals, players online, etc, in a consistent format
  • kauna ("light" or "enlightenment', literally "torch', in norse), my graphical user interface, which if I might flatter myself, I quite like, though it's always changing and evolving as I refine things, find better assets to use, and whatnot
  • berkana, ("rebirth", referring to how my system was originally in TinyFugue) the PVE/PVP component which automates a lot of the tedium, gags down IRE's spamminess, and such forth, and
  • laeknishendr ("healing hands" in icelandic), the healing component, which automates a lot of the curing and such
The core valkryja is required for any of the other three, but you can run the others in any combination you wish. So if you only want basic healing, for instance, you can run valkryja+laeknishendr. Or if you just want the GUI, you can run valkryja+kauna. Or even just take valkryja on its own to serve as a solid foundation for your own systems.


How to get it
Gitlab: or if the DNS is flakey,


There's a lot that still needs done for this, but I appreciate any and all feedback!
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Re: Valkryja

Post by XMODS » Tue Aug 06, 2019 2:09 am

I tried, but pkg mgr won't upload it?

tried with mudlet 3.22 & 4.03

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Re: Valkryja

Post by XMODS » Tue Aug 06, 2019 2:10 am


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