Dark Theme for Mudlet

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Dark Theme for Mudlet

Post by Eraene »

Complete dark theme with 3D styled UI elements. Nearly everything I could track down has been themed, please let me know if you find anything still in default colors.

Please be aware that at the time of posting, certain issues will arise when re-applying any app-wide stylesheet theme repeatedly atop a custom GUI script. Certain individual label objects may be cleared of their stylesheets when re-applying a theme, sometimes this is fixed by reapplying individual label stylesheets or recreating those GUI objects. Ensure the creation of GUI objects first, before applying an app-wide stylesheet theme.

Anyone running into issues with this package may reach me here or through the Mudlet Discord server.


May 15: Updated for new Mudlet 3.20 trigger widgets.
July 15: Updated to fix package not activating on install and profile load.
April 22 2020: Updated to allow stylesheet reverting to default when uninstalling.
April 30 2020: Fixed a filepath issue. Tree icons show again.
August 12 2020:
Reverted naming change.
Fixed squished timer interval boxes.
Removed some obscure test colors.
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Re: Dark Theme for Mudlet

Post by Daagar »

A shame there are no responses here. This is wonderful - it makes the scrollbar and map info bar not such an eyesore, and more like a full 'text' interface. Much appreciated.

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Re: Dark Theme for Mudlet

Post by GErswin »

I just found this, and it's awesome! Thanks for making it.

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Re: Dark Theme for Mudlet

Post by Jaren »

I had another dark theme package and this one works so much better and is easier to customize as the colors are all declared on the top of the script.

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