Pretty display for tables

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Pretty display for tables

Post by Ryan »

I got sick of trying to work with printTable, so I wrote my own display function. It can handle variables of any type including nested tables. It also lets you specify a format to use for number variables. Here's an example of how it looks on an arbitrary complex table:

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table {
  1: 'first'
  2: true
  3: false
  'key1': table {
    1: 'You see exits leading north and south.'
    2: 'exits'
    3: 'leading '
    4: 'north and '
    5: 'north'
    6: 'south'
    'full table': table {
      'a': 1
      'c': 3
      'b': 2
    'blank table': table {}
  'key2': 256
I haven't put it through industrial-strength testing, so if you notice something strange, it's probably a bug not a feature. Let me know and I'll fix it, or feel free to do it yourself and post an updated version of the package.
pretty display function
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Re: Pretty display for tables

Post by Heiko »

I'll add your pretty print display function to the general Lua API in luaGlobal.lua if you don't mind.
Then everybody can use it as a built in function.

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