Automapper (for The Two Towers... beta)

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Automapper (for The Two Towers... beta)

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This is far from being as user friendly as I would like it to be and would suggest that only advanced players try to use this but there are some that could have alot of fun with it so, here it is.
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the .xml file needs imported into mudlet and when it asks, point mudlet to the gfx folder...

That's the easy part :)

Commands you will need to know to use it..... (all preceded by O as in Omit not a zero)
  • Omap - turns on/off the recording of the map to the database, I would suggest mapping an area
    before you turn this on and map it again, that way you do not save your mistakes... and
    there will be mistakes

    Odo - used to save movement commands for a room. usage: Odo x word command ... where x is a
    number between 1 and 12, word is any label you choose and the command is any MOVEMENT
    command(it will allow you to save a 'do' command there)

    Override - This allows you to assign a standard direction to a non standard one or override the distance
    one room is...useage Override dir=dir1,dir2,dir3,...
    Override e=e,e (this makes a long connector for that room as well)
    Override e=u (this is common for major towns where a standard dir takes you off the 'main grid')
    Override n=2a1000z1000x1000y (used for switching the map between areas... Rivendell, Pellenor Fields,
    Entrance to the high pass, ....)
    Override climb down drain=d (it can also be used for action exits... make a corosponding 'Odo' command
    so that the command gets sent thru the mapper)

    Oarea - marks a room so that it can be referenced easily for switching areas, usage - just type it, it marks
    the room and gives you a list of rooms you can use for other areas (the next command you type after
    this is an Override command to another area)

    Oshit - This command is used to pull your map back into line if you make a mistake. It attempts to find
    the room you are in (it only looks at what you have saved, good reason not to map your mistakes)
Anything off the 'main grid' is mapped using a graphical map
Anything off the 'main grid' is mapped using a graphical map
Ascii 'Main Grid' map and command window (where Odo commands appear)
Ascii 'Main Grid' map and command window (where Odo commands appear)
Other things to know (that I can think of at the moment) ....
You can use the map command on the main grid to map large sections of it but... when recording of rooms(Omap) is on it hangs my client for almost a min while it gathers the info for the 650+ rooms and saves it (my computer is slow, maybe it will work faster for you). It is fast when you are not recording the map. Doing this also will cause the mapped info for rooms(if saved) to be generic and are then useless for the Oshit command, I recommend using the map command once for an area(recording it) before you start saving and mapping. (hope that made sense)

This also uses brief mode (mud command: brief on)

I am sure there is something else but... it's a beta version :) If nothing else it shows you what's possible.
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Re: Automapper (for The Two Towers... beta)

Post by Vadi »

That's very nice.

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