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Tapestries - WiXXX Sorter

Post by jippenfaddoul » Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:08 am

Tapestries, an adult furry muck, has a feature for listing other player's kinks. This is done via a system called WiXXX. Sadly, this mud does not allow you to do things such as highlight kinks that other players have that you are interested in.

This script allows you to keep a basic regular expression to highlight on kinks you are and are not interested in.

To use, click on "Triggers" and then "Import" the attached XML. Once that is done, open the WiXXX Searcher folder and edit the regular expressions in the jippenfaddoul.WiXXX_Searcher.whitelist and jippenfaddoul.WiXXX_Searcher.blacklist triggers to match what you want.

whitelist entries get turned green, while blacklist entries get turned red.
WiXXX Searcher 1.0
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