Beta-10pre2 released for windows

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Beta-10pre2 released for windows

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You can download it from here: ... a=33075201

There is a whole bunch of new features.

1. a new user definable border around the main display. All 4 sides have user defined values. This is what is colored pink on the pictcure. The reason for the border is to give the user free choice to customize the gui e.g. but buttons, mini displays, pictures, clickable images, micro displays etc.

2. new gui elements:
a) clickable labels:

they can be given a call-back function to handle click events in Lua scripts
they can hold html formated text
they are fully scriptable
they can be positioned anywhere on the screen including the main display e.g. buttons on the main display, or micro variable displays anywhere
the user can specify the level of transparency
they can be moved, resized, recolored, hidden, shown, have their text/picture changed via user scripts
they can have background colors e.g. you can use labels to easily make stats gauges by defining a background color and resizing them according to to current stats

b) fast mini conole text displays (identical to the main display including a split screen:

freely positionable
custom color printing
bold/underline/italics format
font and font size can be set for each of them
they have no more border so you can tightly fit them into a custom gui without any margins including overlap
can be resized, hidden, shown or moved by scripts

c) (not yet implemented in the currently available beta-10pre2 for windows but will be in upcoming beta-10):
Buttons are easier now and are integrated more seamlessly into the rest of the gui. There is 2 sorts of buttons now:
- easy gui css stylable buttons that can be put in toolbars on all 4 sides surrounding the border.
- scriptable, fully customizable buttons or clickable images that can be positions anywhere on the screen

d) new features of the scripting api:

create milli seconds stopwatches to measure time
get network lag
temp buffers
Tichi has contributed several Lua functions to the Lua api like myEnnemyTable = myEnemyList:split( "," ), a table size function

e) icon sizes are customizable now (not fully implemented yet)

f) default trigger type can be chosen (not fully implemented yet)

g) command line tab completion has been fixed

h) telnet layer has been slightly modified to handle broken servers better

i) profile history: Users can chose which version of their stored profiles they want to load

j) trigger filters: the trigger only lets it's match or capture groups (if there are any) pass on to its child triggers. This helps to break down complicated regex triggers into simple trigger chain. See an example of how to use this in the package forum (prompt detection demo package)

k) various bug fixes

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