Advisory for Tor/VPN Users

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Advisory for Tor/VPN Users

Post by SlySven » Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:34 pm

I regret to say that checking the IP addresses used by some of the (maybe non-human) users that try to register or post messages of dubious relevance or use on this site reveals some are using Tor or VPNs to hide their originating IP address - however once I see some of the automated anti-Bot measures now in place see more than one 'Bot posting from the same C Class IP address I am they are likely to block said range to reduce the amount of unseen (by normal users) c**p I am your Forum staff have to wade through dispose of on a dailyregular basis.

As such, if you use such systems, even for totally legitimate purposes, and your attempt to send content to this site happens to use an address in the same IP address range as one of those pesky units then you will be unable to do so. :(

If this does happen then you have my apologies but perhaps, if you disconnect completely from this site, you may get through ten minutes later (if you are using Tor) when that system will cause a change to the exit node address you use...

Edited: 2017/07/27 to reflect that there is less mess to deal with now we have upgraded the Forum system... :D

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