new git update

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new git update

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The new stuff is available on git now.
new features:
keep trigger chains open or keep triggers firing for n lines. This is a generalized feature that is important for many trigger chains that deal with multiple line patterns e.g.
given this text from the MUD:

You can see exits to: east
and down.

You can now make a chain. (Before you couldn't because the chains only worked on content that was contained in the same line.)
The chain head triggers on You can see exits to: (\w)
and then you add child triggers to the chain one for each direction e.g. "west", "nort" etc.
If you know how many lines are going to come that are related to the chain you can simply set the "fire length" value of the trigger e.g. 5 for keep chain open for 5 more lines.
If you don't know how many lines are going to come then you can add a trigger that detects the end of the chain processing and call the function setTriggerStayOpen( triggerName, 0 ). This will close the chain or stop the trigger from firing until the trigger pattern matches the next time. Then the chain will stay open again for the set amount of lines.

other new functions:

profile_home_folder = getMudletHomeDir()

several bug fixes e.g. a crash on xterm 256 color mode, setTextFormat() didn't ignored the red value of the foreground color etc.

small documentation update.

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Re: new git update

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Nice Nice Nice Nice
Thank you so much!

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