Non-functinal map: anyone else see this?

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Non-functinal map: anyone else see this?

Post by Slayd »

I'm using mudlet 2.1.
When I open an Achaea character profile, I will get
= mapper issues status updates that a new crowdmap is being downloaded
= when I try then to open the map (by clicking the button), the cursor changes to the mac wheel of colors
= when the map window first opens, there mapper window appears as normal only for a flash then disappears
= I am left with an unresponsive map window one inch wide that cannot be resized. It's background is gray, not black. No rooms show on the map

After further (few) close/restarts of mudlet, the mapper would open normally when I depressed the map button. There was no mapper reports of a new crowdmap download on the startup that finally let me open the mapper window as normal

Anyone else see this? Or do I need to dial back the cough syrup?

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Re: Non-functinal map: anyone else see this?

Post by reyl »

Having a very similar problem in Lusternia - which seems to be getting worse and affecting the whole map.

I'm on osx, after some fiddling trying to get the map on another display, now various windows don't work at all and the only (temporary) fix is clicking the green 'maximise' icon at the top left of the window. The windows themselves don't seem to behave like proper mac windows - funny labels, unusual behavior. I don't really know what else to say, but it's also causing crashes and it's suddenly rendered mudlet almost unusable. Help ;-;

Edit: Resizing the window in question (mapper, main window, package import/export) seems to also fix things temporarily.

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