which file records profile settings

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which file records profile settings

Post by zhenzh »

I tried to migrate my mud game to another computer by installing a fresh mudlet and copy existing profile directory to the new mudlet-data.
But I find it lost a lot of profile settings including fonts type/size/color and loaded packages/modules.

Which file is the exact one storing these settings?

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Re: which file records profile settings

Post by SlySven »

Ideally you'd want to copy everything in:
  • C:\User\<username>\.config\mudlet\* and C:\User\<username>\.config\Mudlet\* (Windows)
  • /home/<username>/.config/mudlet/* and /home/<username>/.config/Mudlet/* (other OSes)
However you may also need to switch to the (less secure) method of storing character/login passwords in files in the profiles rather than using the secure storage option as it is not possible to transfer that detail when it is keep within the OS specific secure storage system.

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