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My first plugin - Majormud

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 7:47 pm
by FurianXO
Hey all, i started playing a bit of majormud again, and one of my favorite things to do on this mud is write scripts. They have an old app for this mud that is dated, so i figured this would be a great opportunity to start playing with mudlet and begin writing my own stuff. My "coding' is limited to powershell scripting, and what i remember writing old Telemate scripts, so this will be pretty new for me.

I'd like to start by writing a simple plugin. This mud doesn't have any back end technology that can feed into mudlet, that I know of, so this would all be captured from the screen. When I do an ST in th emud, it shows the following:
I'd like the plugin to capture this info and show it always in a window. I don't need it to update it occasionally, but only update it when I manually hit ST.

Is this something that is easily doable? Where would i start in the mudlet help section to begin researching how to do this?

Also, i was curious how the mapping worked in other muds. Would this be possible to do in Majormud as well, or does the mapping features require certain backend mud functionality to work?

Re: My first plugin - Majormud

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 6:48 am
by Vadi
Learn how to make triggers and you'll be on your way!

As for mapping - click on the map button in Mudlet and you should get a help menu. It'll guide you through what you need to do.

Re: My first plugin - Majormud

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 12:51 am
by Skirmish101
Mudlet has also caught my eye to use with Majormud. I just registered here and haven't even downloaded mudlet yet. Stupid can't even send a private message after registering. But I was hoping you can catch me up to speed with what your working on so we could collaborate with each other. So hit me up at Skirmish101 at gmail with the subject mudlet so I know its you. I'm hopeful your still interested in using mudlet.

Re: My first plugin - Majormud

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 4:53 am
by Vadi
You can't send private messages after registering because if you could, then spambots can, and they definitely do :( sorry about that!

Re: My first plugin - Majormud

Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 5:44 pm
by SlySven
However you may be able to - now you have sent a post that has been approved... :grin: