Debian mudlet packages

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Debian mudlet packages

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I've finally re-remembered how to build a local apt archive again so I've made the mudlet Debian packages temporarily available to until they appear in the Debian archive proper. They may work on Ubuntu but there's no guarantee there as there may be some library version problems.

You can find the files at and the source code at

The source code is a git snapshot with some of the library cruft removed. It is also patched to work properly with a Debian system and the standard libraries, rather than the ones that come with mudlet.

If you just want to "apt-get install mudlet" then add the following repository to your apt sources.list file.

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deb unstable main
This will pull in all the dependencies that mudlet requires too. Currently the only binary is an amd64. I may be able to port it to another architecture, just let me know.

Bug reports specific to the Debian port can be sent here. Once the Debian ftp masters have processed the file and got it in the Debian archives proper, then its probably best to use the standard bug reporting systems after that.

The current snapshot is from 16th of January. Once the mudlet developers have said a particular snapshot is ready for another Release Candidate I'll update the Debian package.

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