Hey Dude, where's my account?

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Hey Dude, where's my account?

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As part of our on-going battle against ne'er-do-well Bots that want to use this Forum for purposes that we do not wish (SEO for bad/rogue sites; mal-ware distribution; distribution of pharmaceuticals/porngraphy - including the former to allow appearance in the latter ;) ) we are going to have to review the (currently) large number of members here who have never posted anything.

Sadly so-called "SpamBots" often do not post anything but leave dubious URLs on their member profile page that the Search Engine Bots - those members list in grey/gray with [Bot] after their name at the bottom of most pages just love to suck up. Note that SE Bots are wanted as they are what allows their Search Engine parents to refer you to particular Forum pages when you do a general search for info on a Mud/Mudlet topic.

(It is likely that) soon we will have to take steps to delete accounts of users who match both the following conditions:
  • have not been active for some months
  • have NOT made any posts that appear on the "boards" (remember that new users' first posts have to be approved - which is one of the impediment for SpamBots :twisted:)
Should you have signed up here in the dim and distant past and have come back to find that your account does not seem to exist any more, then it is possible that you have fallen foul of this, please accept our apologies for this - we wish to welcome back any real live human being though they will need to sign-up again.

Please, if you have never made a post to any of the subject areas of this Forum, consider saying something, somewhere so that we know there is some wet-ware behind the operation of your account... :?

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