Shift+keypad issues.

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Shift+keypad issues.

Post by tsuujin »

Fairly simple problem: I want to use shift+keypad4 as a macro. This of course defaults to "left arrow" when you use that key combination, and mudlet will not pick it up as a possible entry.

Please fix! My keypad layout is very important to me!

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Re: Shift+keypad issues.

Post by Teotwauki »

A work around you may find handy, it will also allow you to use other buttons on the numpad that will conflict is KeyTweak, It's been a while since I have been into MUDs so I cannot remember my keys used. Though you should be able to figure out something that works for you. Swap out enter and numlock while your at it and you have quite a few options with ctrl alt as well.


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