How does mudlet mapper work?

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How does mudlet mapper work?

Post by keevitaja » Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:59 am


How is the mapper implemented?

Afaik it does not use sqlite database for room information and it is not written in lua. Am i correct?

I started to write my own mapper for aardwolf using BFS algorithm, but it is very slow.. ... r/test.lua


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Re: How does mudlet mapper work?

Post by SlySven » Sun Sep 13, 2015 1:58 am

The map "database" is hardcoded into the C++ source code, we provide some lua commands in a subsystem that provides some access to some parts of that data (some read, some read/write and a few bits, like the "current" player location is write only {yeah, that is a bit wierd!}). A complete abstraction to a separate "standard" database would offer some advantages - standard tools, potential for controlled sharing of map data between multiple characters/profile for a single player (or perhaps in an adventurous setup, for multiple cooperating players? or even other MUD clients) but the primary disadvantage is likely to be speed, the map display and route finding code obviously needs extremely rapid access to potentially any part of the database which would be very hard IMHO to achieve except with such an internal database as we have currently...

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