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Re: Update area in dropdown?

Post by Nyyrazzilyss » Mon May 02, 2016 3:45 pm

The map structure i'm using is very related to the mud I play - It's a diku that doesn't provide room numbers itself, and has many loops/teleports/non-grid areas. I'm using nothing but pre-built maps, then unlocking them as progress occurs. The map format used is my choice, but I really need to stick with a format that is also readable/usable in 3.0-delta. I might change it in the future, but not yet.

My mapfile right now is at 38k rooms, and loading/saving isn't instant, but just a second or two - Not an issue. That's again going to be something really mud/map specific though, and something to just keep in mind for the future - Other then your test case, are there any muds -with active development at this time using mudlet- with maps that size?

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Re: Update area in dropdown?

Post by SlySven » Wed May 04, 2016 2:05 am

Well that test map is one from, I think, Lusternia (one of the I.R.E. "five") - I haven't got my development branch loaded with the work I was doing to include a manual XML import capability (those I.R.E. servers provide ones that Mudlet can download and install auto-magically but not manually at present) but with a bit of shell-fu I see their public maps had room counts of:
  • Achaea: 18545
  • Aetolia: 20749
  • Imperian: 19228
  • Lusternia: 18357
  • Midkemia: 10485
So it seems that they don't offer a complete map. Actually there is a long-standing request for details of (and ideal maps for) large maps in this Large map topic, but we have not had any concrete details (for an identified MUD) larger than what you seem to be working with...

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