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I've got something going using the GMCP features on the main CoffeeMud development server. Here is what the mob factory currently looks like:
The attachment mob-factory.png is no longer available
The lua script should be named "automapper" and you'll need to add the user even handler "gmcp dot room dot info" (replace the dots with actual periods, no spaces. This forum will not let me type strings with periods inside them) -- this will make it so that the function "automapper" is executed every time the server sends a gmcp event for room dot info (replace dot with a period, no spaces) (which only happens when you move/change rooms)

And here is the script. It is still a work-in-progress and quite messy/uncommented, but it may help someone here get started. It will auto name, set coordinates and exit links, plus organize by area, but that's all. make sure if you rename the script name from "automapper" that you also name the function the same name (the name of the script is what determines which function is called inside of it when the event is triggered)
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