mapper won't update on Achaea

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mapper won't update on Achaea

Post by pathris »

I'm stumped on this one...

I have mconfig crowdmap true, and I get this:
(mapper): The public map was updated (changelog)
(mapper): Downloading the latest public map... please make sure you have the map
(mapper): Map downloaded, loading it in...
(mapper): Map loaded fine - enjoy!
(mapper): Locking all wormholes...
(mapper): Locked 0 known wormholes.
(mapper): Unlocking all sewer grates...
(mapper): Unlocked 0 known sewer grates.
(mapper): Marks from the old map migrated successfully.
Nothing happens. The map isn't updated. I reinstalled several times. Nothing.

Also, I'm on Ubuntu 12.04

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Re: mapper won't update on Achaea

Post by Vadi »

The crowdmap format has been accidentally upgraded to a new format, which requires a new Mudlet to load. Stand by for an update in the PPA.

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