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Room Map Labels

Post by chris »

I've been thinking about the normal usage of map labels, and am considering if having two variants of map labels would be a good idea. One variant would be a roomMapLabel, which would be a directional offset from a room and follow that room. The other is the normal mapLabel that has an absolute position on the mapper.

The use of a room label in my situation is useful for moving rooms around. If a label is already made, it's a pain to have to remove it. Additionally in most cases people label rooms so it is more intuitive from some perspectives to have this variant.

Two solutions I can think of are:
1) a new method that would render labels with rooms
2) store labels in UserData, and have a function which will rebuild your labels based on however you want to store them.

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Re: Room Map Labels

Post by Daagar »

I know I personally found it very confusing that labels _weren't_ tied to a room - even moreso because 'Add Label' is an option when right-clicking on a room. Imagine my surprise the first time I tinkered with the shrink/expand options on a map with labels applied.

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Re: Room Map Labels

Post by Vadi »

That'd be nice. If you could also work out room labels not to cover each other and etc properly, even better.

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