Special exit issue

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Special exit issue

Post by Mosr »

Anytime I try to add a special exit via the mapper (right click->exits->add special exit) Mudlet crashes. It's happened no matter what I try to do. Does anyone know of any fixes or if this is a Mudlet-wide issue?

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Re: Special exit issue

Post by Omit »

what version are you running?

Yes, this is an issue with mudlet and special exits (and not the only issue) in the latest avalible compiled version. It may be fixed in the code(if you want and are able to compile the code yourself) but I have not yet verified that it is indeed fixed.

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Re: Special exit issue

Post by Heiko »

This sounds like a regression as it used to work in earlier releases. Can you give more informantion on how to reproduce the crash? Thx.

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Re: Special exit issue

Post by chris »

I fixed this in my repository:
https://github.com/Chris7/Mudlet/commit ... 7f4a2b2576

It's a logic error with mpEditItem

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