triggering from room title

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triggering from room title

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I'm trying to make the Aetolian mapper script mimic the Aetolian (from Xon) Imapper look and feel.
Obviously, I'm not referring to ASCII output of the map itself.

I decided to begin with displaying the area name after the room title. Simple enough, sure - and it was.
Code: [show] | [select all] lua
Colour trig: Foreground/Background to my room title (which is unique in my config in the game)
Regex pattern: ^[A-Z][a-z A-Z,'\-]+\.$
Script -
local roomID = mmp.currentroom
local areaID = getRoomArea(roomID) 
local areaname = getRoomAreaName(areaID)
cecho("<red> (<forest_green>" .. areaname .. "<red>)")
Easy enough, but what I would like to do is learn how to do this without triggering from the text itself, but from whatever GMCP flagging is done to supply the room name, so that I can once again use the colour I have as my room title, for other things. Is this possible?

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