Basic Mapping

All and any discussion and development of the Mudlet Mapper.
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Basic Mapping

Post by Slurgo »

I noticed that when I was going to try to get mapper working either all scripts accepted that you were on mud that
had some protocol to get room id and information or other special data, Or that the mapper was so over complicated that couldn't just find a simple example to get started off.

This is something I have had sitting around a bit which is basically a mapper template i guess you could call it...
It doesn't have anything really mud specific pretty generic.

Hopefully someone else will find use in it if you looking for bare bone example of using mapper I think this would fit perfect

Have somewhat commented to try to make it easy as possible to read...

hope someone finds it useful who wants to start scripting their own mapper....
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Re: Basic Mapping

Post by Vadi »

Looks like a good start.

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Re: Basic Mapping

Post by iueras »

Thanks so much for this, I was looking for example code to get started from and all the existing script packages I found were very mature (read: complicated) and game specific.

Really appreciate you sharing this.

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Re: Basic Mapping

Post by mattness »

How do you get the mapper started? I have it up on my screen with the test room but it does't seem to be making anyrooms. Also, how do you create areas? I see the drop down list but there is nowhere to insert names...

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Re: Basic Mapping

Post by Mordae »

I have the same problem as mattness: The mapper does not seem to create any rooms. And I also would like to know how to create areas.


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Re: Basic Mapping

Post by chris »

A 'create area' dialog would be a nice addition to the mapper dropdown.

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