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Mapping Realms of Despair

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:48 am
by cjh
Hi all,
I started using the generic mapping script for RoD (it's a big help, and thank you) but it seems that I am missing something key.
The map keeps 'slipping' and creating new rooms in rooms I have already visited.
I have installed the script, done a 'start mapping The Halls of Knowledge' and the map seems to generate rooms and capture the room names just fine. With 'map debug' on i can see all the exits are detected. The map is generated nicely as I move around. 'find prompt' seemed to work fine as well, so I get a 'prompt captured' message at the appropriate times.
In case it's relevant, my regular prompt looks like this:
[Kuro] HP:125/125 Mana:146/146 Mvs:190/190 The Halls of Knowledge Lev:138,397 (:) and the 'map prompt' returns [""] = "^%[.*%]".

My guess as to what is going on by watching the debugger is that it occasionally getting a "New Room' in places that have already been mapped.
Any ideas what I am missing to get the rooms to stay unique?
Also, what is the command to clear the map and start over?

Re: Mapping Realms of Despair

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 4:27 pm
by Jor'Mox
Firstly, if you are walking into the same game room from different locations on the map, it won't assume they are the same room, and will make a new one. So you need to make things line up on the map in order for it to work properly in that regard. Secondly, depending on how doors are handled on your game, they can create the illusion of a different room. Specifically, if a closed door means that the exit in that direction doesn't show up, then if you walk into the room with the door closed once, and open a different time, they will be interpreted as different rooms, because the exits don't match up. This issue can be fixed by adding a door to the map in the appropriate direction(s), so it knows that that might happen.

Re: Mapping Realms of Despair

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 1:42 am
by cjh
Thank you, Jor'Mox.
Half of my issues were in needing to really peer at the mapping help.
You pointed out the most salient issues.
The mapper is working well on Realms of Despair now. I made it better using a map ignore %s%.* because of the way the ascii rendering of RoD's exit compass overlaps the room name.

My main issue now is getting the map to reliably update on each move. Most of the time it tracks where I am, but often I'll have to issue a "look" command a few times to get the map to update where I am.

Any advice on getting the map to auto-update position a bit more reliably?