Looking for a mapper to Ishar

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Looking for a mapper to Ishar

Post by radi8tor »

Hi Mudlet,

Thanks all for such a nice contribution to the mud space with the mudlet project. I don't have the faintest idea how many hours you all have devoted to this project.

I just thought I would post to see if there are any other Ishar players, and maybe catalyze an effort to get a mapper going for that mud. Ishar is a classic, I have over 3,000 rooms mapped in CMUD over several years, but the mapper is just too unreliable, I've had to resort to creating rooms manually, and am looking for a more modern looking interface that can really be automated. I know a little python, but I'm new to lua.

I have downloaded the IRE mapper, and the generic mapper, and the hybrid mapper for Akabar, but all seem to need a little tweaking, or maybe I'm not using them correctly. I am new :/. I've loaded the mapper as a module, and started via "mc", but it doesn't seem to generate new rooms when I move.

I think Ishar should be a pretty easy case (ishar [dot]com port 23). The rooms obey a nice easy syntax with every thing on separate lines; name (not always unique), description (mostly unique but not always), exits in the prompt; usually one or two letters; there are a few portals, and in/out exits.

Typical example:

Polished brass lanterns give this room a cheery glow. A desk rests against
the eastern wall, covered with books and accounts, and a large picture on the
opposite wall affords a view of a wrecked ship lying on a beach, its hull
smashed in. An open window behind the desk allows the sounds of the street to
filter up from below.
Drake the old pirate reaches for the guest book.
100H 100M 100S 51X [:][:] UDN>

If anyone is interested in assisting, that would be awesome.

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Re: Looking for a mapper to Ishar

Post by Jor'Mox »

I have a newer version of the generic mapping script that I think will be helpful for you. It is still being tested, but I connected to Ishtar and ensured that it would work there, with very minor setup on your part.
  • First, you need to download this file, and install it as a package within your Mudlet profile for Ishar: http://dslpnp.altervista.org/generic_mapper.xml (I would normally include it directly in the post, but for some reason the forums are having issues with file uploads right now).
  • Second, you need to have the game show exits when you walk into a room, via: display autoexit
  • Third, you need to tell the script not to search for you when you use the look command, via: map config search on look off
  • Fourth, you need to disable the "Exits Trigger", and enable the "Multi-Line Exits Trigger". (select each one and click the "Activate" button)
  • Finally, you need to tell the script what pattern to use to match your prompt, like this: map prompt %d+H %d+M %d+S %d+X [^>]+>
Once that is done, you can "map show" to make a map window pop up if you aren't doing so via some other means, and check out "map help" (and help on sub topics as needed) to see how to use the included commands to start making a map for your game.

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