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Mapper Suggestion

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Hey :) Got a suggestion for something with the mapper. To illustrate, here's an image of how my mapper appears at present:

As you can hopefully see even though I've made it smaller, it's pretty hard to read the text because it's covered in part by the map. On top of that I'm not actually that interested in seeing all the text. Therefore I'd like to make the following suggestions :)

- Allow users to adjust the text and background colour for the map information display
-- Alternatively/as well, some sort of transparency might be something people would like.
- Allow them to specify which bits of information are shown
-- Specifically with this I'd like to just see the area name and room name/id.
- Allow them to specify where the text appears, e.g. allowing them to put it at the bottom of the map window rather than the top.

I should say that I'm only a novice when it comes to coding, and I have absolutely no idea whether any of the above is possible! However it is something I'd like to be able to do and Vadi suggested that I post it here :)

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