Maps for MOOs

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Maps for MOOs

Post by g3rman »

I use MOOs rather than MUDs and wanted to see if anyone can help me with mapping.
Below is a sample of what a typical room looks like. I have read through the available documentation but I'm not a programmer so I'm coming up short on how to create the appropriate script that:

-Starts a new map
-Parses room names & exits
-Adds to map

Any help in getting started with a basic script would be much appreciated.


[New Earth; Spaceport Landing Pad]

The busy landing pad of New Earth's capital city's spaceport sits over a large bay at the tip of the
southern continent. The pad itself is a huge square sheet of white plasteel surrounded by gleaming
new starship service structures. On the southern side of the pad is a circular structure with wide
transparisteel windows affording a fabulous view of the ocean. A softly lit sign over the
transparisteel doorway reads, 'Pilot Lounge,' and a separate doorway is marked 'Liaison Office.' It
looks like you can GO into either of those places. To the west, a bridge spans the gap between the
landing pad and the rest of the spaceport.
You see an automatic teller machine and a small trash can here.
You can go north, south, west, and down.

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Re: Maps for MOOs

Post by Jor'Mox »

So, realistically, there isn't such a thing as a "basic" mapping script, unless the game itself is providing a lot of the info needed to build a map. If all you have to go on is what you show here, then I think you could take the Generic Mapping Script and adapt it to your game without too much difficulty. You can look at the thread about the script here: mudlet-mapper-f13/generic-mapping-script-t6105.html, and at the bottom of the first post, there is a bit of command line code you can copy/paste, and use to automatically load the script into your profile. Then you just need to adjust the triggers provided, or create your own triggers, to do the necessary capturing for the script (described in detail in the help section at the top of the script itself).

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Re: Maps for MOOs

Post by SlySven »

What makes things a little harder is that there is "room furniture" details {"You see an automatic teller machine and a small trash can here."} between the Room Description and the Room Exits. In my experience the Room Exits {"You can go north, south, west, and down."} is usually used to terminate the collection of the Room Description but it should not be too hard to gather the triggers like "^You see (.*).$" in order to use those as well to end the capture of the Room Description...

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