Difference Map Button / createMapper() ?

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Difference Map Button / createMapper() ?

Post by Avaloniac »

When using createMapper, the Map is displayed correctly. When using the dockable Widget, RoomChar is not displayed, just RoomEnv...so i have a colorful map without any letters ... is this a Mapper Issue '? Grid mode is set.

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Re: Difference Map Button / createMapper() ?

Post by Vadi »

Should be the same. Could you share the map?

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Re: Difference Map Button / createMapper() ?

Post by SlySven »

At one stage in the past we did have an issue with the two types of map display using different fonts but I thought we nailed that a long time ago - does the "info" display at the top of the map look the same in both cases (and does the dock-able one have different behaviour when it is docked and un-docked)?

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