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Getting Started

Post by Theiwar »

Alright so I've decided to tackle the challenge of attempting to get the Mudlet Mapper working for a new mud I'm playing. Can anyone point me to a tutorial or explain how to go about getting started creating the LUA scripts necessary to get the mapper working for a new mud? The explaination in the Mudlet manual isnt doing it for my Newbness. For reference the MUD I'm trying to create this for is Forgotten Kingdoms. Rooms look like this (Note that room title, description, and exits all have their own ansi color) :

<100%hp 50m 100%mv> e
Sulmor Street
E-Sulmor Street W-High Road
The houses in this part of Waterdeep are grand. These are the
homes of the nobles of Waterdeep. They are made of fine stone
and marble. Each house has a sconce above its door so that
this part of town is well lit, discouraging thieves.
The sky is cloudless and warm and a warm southerly breeze blows.
A sailor is here.

<100%hp 50m 99%mv> e
Sulmor Street
N-Vhezaar Street E-Sulmor Street S-Vhezaar Street W-Sulmor Street
The street is clean and soldier patrol the streets on a regular
basis keeping it safe for its noble denizens. Lanterns hang
above doorways keeping the street well lit. The houses are large
and grand. Shops are few and far between, as are Taverns.
The sky is cloudless and warm and a warm southerly breeze blows.

<100%hp 50m 98%mv>

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Re: Getting Started

Post by Vadi »

It's not documented at all yet. For a start, you can get my IRE script, the mapping aliases (but not really triggers) might work for the game. Your mapping script will essentially need to fill in Mudlet on what the room names and IDs are (if your MUD doesn't give them to you, you could use your own) and for walking around, telling the mapper what room ID are you in now. I'll see about documenting this in the near future.

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