Merging maps

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Merging maps

Post by Heiko »

Well, that's a different topic though. Currently, there are no merge functions and we have to discuss what is needed and how to best deal with it. I suggest that we use a new thread for this question. My current position on merging maps is that I just call a Lua function mergeMap() and the actual merging is handled entirely by Lua scripts.

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Re: Merging maps

Post by kakku »

just wanted to say that such a merge shouldn't be based on starting coords. since some muds can be entered at different points in the world and then maps could have different coords.

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Re: Merging maps

Post by Omit »

Lua should be able to handle this without a problem.... (logic may get a bit squirrelly and the behavior may be best if written to be mud specific)

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