(mapping script) Mudlet Mapper script for Achaea/IREs

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Re: (mapping script) Mudlet Mapper script for Achaea/IREs

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Hello, I just added one tiny thing to the mapping script that I thought I'd share...

As most probably know, the Lusternia snowglobe travel artifact takes you to one of two places (one activation takes you to one place, using it again from that place takes you to a third place), and it's more commonly used to get to the second, much more useful place than the first. I figured out, though, that due to the way the mapper creates special exits when travel items can be used, the path thingy cannot understand that it's possible to plan a path that involves activating it twice.

Sooooo i clumsily reverse engineered what was going on in the mmp.tempSpecialExit function and made a new one, mmp.tempSpecialExitRemote, which is identical except that it lets you specify BOTH rooms of a temp special exit:

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function mmp.tempSpecialExitRemote(source, destination, command, weight)
  table.insert(exitsCreated, command)
  addSpecialExit(source, destination, command)
  if weight then
    setExitWeight(mmp.currentroom, command, weight)
Then, i edited the relevant part of the lusternia "wings" scripts that handled the snowglobe:

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if mmp.settings.snowglobe then
      if gmcp.Room.Info.area == "the Great Spirit Tree" then
        mmp.tempSpecialExit(6831, "shake snowglobe")
      elseif not table.contains(gmcp.Room.Info.details, "an Aetherbubble") then
        mmp.tempSpecialExit(10992, "shake snowglobe")
	mmp.tempSpecialExitRemote(10992, 6831, "shake snowglobe")
Now, whenever it's possible to use the globe to get to the first, fairly useless place, the mapper knows that it's ALSO possible to immediately use the globe again to get to the next place. Which is nice i guess?

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Re: (mapping script) Mudlet Mapper script for Achaea/IREs

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I have added that feature with https://github.com/IRE-Mudlet-Mapping/i ... pt/pull/87 with a small change. Could you test the version in https://raw.githubusercontent.com/IRE-M ... mapper.xml that it still has the desired result? I don't play lusternia myself.

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