IRE Mapper problem. Not maintaining settings

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IRE Mapper problem. Not maintaining settings

Post by Manni »

I'm having this problem with the mapper maintaining it's settings, between Mudlet sessions. It essentially goes through a clean startup every time I open up the profile.

1) open mapper
2) ask to download map/start new map
3) set map to crowdmap (it tries to auto download, not always successfully)
4) save profile/close mudlet

When I boot it back up, I have to go through that process every time. Does anyone have an idea of the problem? I've had the issue in both Delta and Epsilon (Iota crashes after I enable a few settings in my profile)

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Re: IRE Mapper problem. Not maintaining settings

Post by SlySven »

Every time you download a map (which is an .XML file for those IRE Games which lacks many Mudlet specific Map features, e.g. 2D map room sizes) it blows away any previously saved map, I'm not sure you should be downloading a new map each time you start but I wonder if there is an issue in writing the first instance of a Mudlet Map File (a .dat file) to where the profile is being saved.

Might I suggest that before you do 4) above next time, you use the command "lua result=saveMap( "" ) display( result )" and check that you get a "true" result. Using an empty name means a copy of the current map is saved in the Mudlet Map format in the ./map subdirectory of where the profile is being stored. By default the most recent map file in that directory is loaded when the profile is started and that may provide some settings that you have modified away from the default - off the top of my head I can't recall whether that will provide any settings that will be preserved if you then download a new map but it would confirm that you are actually saving a map file between sessions...

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