Druid Class Expansion on Alter Aeon

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Druid Class Expansion on Alter Aeon

Post by dentin » Sun Dec 01, 2013 8:25 pm

For fantasy mud players, you can now add Druid powers to the list of stuff available on Alter Aeon. This new character class adds a number of neat new abilities:

- control of the weather, to make storms and call lightning

- rune carving and runic enchantments

- magically controlling and growing plants

- animal lore and handling

- summon wind and dust storms to hinder your enemies

- use minions summoned from the earth to assist you in battle

- brew tinctures and salves for new special effects

- new item crafting skills using carving and runes

Releases this big only happen every few years, so if you get a few minutes, stop by and check it out. We'd be happy to see you all there!

The address is:
Alter Aeon MUD

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