Seeking project members for a hybrid MUD/Roguelike

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Re: Seeking project members for a hybrid MUD/Roguelike

Post by Oneymus »

I should have clarified my statement. My concern is not with Mudlet's ability to handle the incoming text (that's what it was designed for, after all). My concern is that sending large blocks of text takes more bandwidth than sending discrete, optimized client packets.

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Re: Seeking project members for a hybrid MUD/Roguelike

Post by Vadi »

Ah, fair enough.

I don't think it'll be a problem, because with MCCP on - and MCCP is basically gzip, and you know how well text files can be zipped - it's not all that much bandwidth.

So I'm leaning towards that testing should be done if this would be intensive, because from what I know, I don't think it'd be that big of a problem.

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Re: Seeking project members for a hybrid MUD/Roguelike

Post by KaVir »

You're right, MCCP would significantly reduce the amount of bandwidth used, even if he sent the full map each time something changed. But with the ATCP/GMCP support and the autoinstaller he wouldn't need to resend everything anyway, he could just send changes and have a script keep track of the explored locations (much like an automapper).

Although Mudlet doesn't support VT100 cursor control (which is what Roguelikes traditionally use), it should be able to update the display with around the same degree of optimisation using a custom script - and it would be possible to use real graphics instead of ASCII or Unicode characters, resulting in a far more attractive display.

I don't think Mudlet supports character mode for input, but you could define a set of hotkeys in the script - perhaps set up the numeric keypad for movement. You could also allow people to move around using their mouse.

And of course if you wanted to show other information (such as inventory, score, chat history, etc) you could open up new windows. In my opinion the results would be far superior to a standard telnet client.

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